Important notice regarding updating your Emergency Contact Information.

Does your child's school have your most current emergency contact information?

In the event of an emergency concerning your child, can you be contacted immediately?

Many parents may not be reachable at a home or work phone number at the time of an emergency and therefore use cell phones as a primary and sure way of being contacted. However, cell phones are often lost, stolen or for various reasons, the numbers are changed without notifying the school office and therfore, the school's emergency contact information is no longer up to date. We encourage all parents to go to: and obtain a FREEEmergency Contact Code” and forward your contact code to the school so that it can be added to your child's emergency contact information on file. Having an Emergency Contact Code allows you to go online anytime and update your contact phone number and any other important contact information so that the school nurse or any other school official will be able to reach you immediately in case of any emergency concerning your child.

(Please print)

Child's Name _____________________________________

Mother's Name ____________________________________

Father's Name ____________________________________

Emergency Contact Code ___________________________

Send this form to school office.

Click here to download this pdf form for printing.